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Here is the List and Link of all available articles. You can click the respective links and directly go to those pages. Thank you for visiting us. Hope you would find the pages interesting and informative. Wish you a pleasant journey. Yours, P.S.Remesh Chandran. Editor, Sahyadri Books & Bloom Books, Trivandrum.


01. Solitude. Alexander Pope. Appreciation.

02. Sophist. P SRemeshChandran. 

03. The Forsaken Merman. Matthew Arnold. Appreciation. 

04. The Leech-Gatherer. Wordsworth. Appreciation. 

05. The Lake Isle Of Innisfree. W.B.Yeats. Appreciation. 

06. Leisure. W.H.Davies. Appreciation.

07. Song To The Men Of England. P.B.Shelley. Appreciation.  

08. Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening. Robert Frost. Appreciation. 

09. Two Famous Death Poems. Shakespeare And Shirley. Appreciation. 

10. Leave This Chanting. Rabindranath Tagore. Appreciation. 

11. No More Hiroshimas. James Kirkup. Appreciation.   

12. The Creation Of Man And Woman. Kahlil Gibran. Recast in the True Poetic Form.   

13. Song Of The Rain. Kahlil Gibran. Recast in True Poetic Form.

14. Song Of The Wave. Kahlil Gibran. Recast in True Poetic Form. 

15. A Poet’s Death Is His Life. Kahlil Gibran. Recast in True Poetic Form. 

16. Are Our Women and Children Safe in Our Hospitals? P.S.Remesh Chandran. 

17. The Lotos-Eaters. Alfred Lord Tennyson. Appreciation.  

18.  Waterloo. Lord Byron. Appreciation.

19. The Patriot. Robert Browning. Appreciation. 

20. The Indispensable Opposition. Walter Lippmann. Appreciation.  

21. Bernard Shaw’s Inspiration His Own Life. Based on Bertrand Russell. Appreciation. 

22. Shaw’s Views on Freedom. Re-Introduced.  

23. The Nightingale And The Rose. Oscar Wilde Story. Reintroduced.

24. Spring Time. O. Henry Story. Re-Introduced.  

25. Good Manners. J.C.Hill. Essay. Reintroduced. 

26. Young Years of Abraham Lincoln. Essay. P S Remesh Chandran.  

27. Vinoba Bhave. John Spenser Essay. Reintroduced.  

28. Learning To Write Poems. P.S.Remesh Chandran. Essay. 

29. Son From America. Isaac Singer Story. Reintroduced. 

30. Father’s Help. R.K.Narayan Story. Reintroduced.  

31. All The World’s A Stage. Shakespeare Song. Appreciation. 

32. Buddha, The Light Of Asia. Earnest O Haucer Essay.Reintroduced.  

33. Houses Where Husbands Are Dogs And Dogs Are Husbands. P.S.Remesh Chandran. 

34. After Gays And Lesbians, Dog Lovers Are The Next To Claim Recognition As A Community.   

35. Who said It Is God’s Own Country? Kerala Is Now Dogs’ Own Country.

36. Thoughts At The Ferry. E V Lucas Essay. Reintroduced.   

37. How Many Handwritings Can You Have? P.S.Remesh Chandran. Essay.

038. The Angel In The House. Virginia Woolf. Essay. Reintroduced.

039. In Praise Of Mistakes. Robert Lynd. Essay. Reintroduced.  

040. Student Mobs. J.B.Priestley. Essay. Reintroduced.

041. Chocolate Bus. Robert Lynd. Essay. Reintroduced.

042. Darlings Of The Department. The Story Of Harry Vinoir. P.S.Remesh Chandran.

043. What Computerization Without Electricity In Kerala? Essay. P.S.Remesh Chandran.

044. Knowledge And Wisdom. Bertrand Russell. Essay. Reintroduced.

045. The Emerging World Society. Dr. S. Radhakrishnan. Essay. Reintroduced.

046. Belief In God. Dr. A. J. Cronin. Essay. Reintroduced.

047. Think Twice Before Publishing With Free Article Directories. Essay. P.S.Remesh Chandran.

048. Non-Violence. Aldous Huxley. Essay. Reintroduced.

049. Life Without Fear. Bertrand Russell. Essay. Reintroduced.

050. Rise Of A Star. Scenes From The Life Of Jesus Christ 1. Paintings Of James Tissot.

051. The Healing Artist. Scenes From The Life Of Jesus Christ 2. Paintings Of James Tissot.

052. The Send-Off. Wilfred Owen. Poem. Reintroduced.

053. Doctors, Politicians, Bureaucrats, People and Private Practice. P.S.Remesh Chandran.



Updated as on 24th Feb 2013

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