How Advertisements Help Pay Online Writers? P.S.Remesh Chandran.


How Advertisements Help Pay Online Writers? P.S.Remesh Chandran.

Editor, Sahyadri Books & Bloom Books, Trivandrum.


By PSRemeshChandra, 17th Jun 2013. Short URL

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One of the most widely read and visited online websites in the world, Wikinut, hosts advertisements in its pages. As a publishing platform which pays its writers out of advertisement revenue, ads are inevitable for maintaining the platform and paying writers. How much of advertisements and what kind of links and advertisements is a subject of debate, as with other publishing sites. The general consensus is, they do not go back in quality of adverts or lean on inappropriate ads.

Wikinut’s lay outs, graphics, pictures and easy upload is remarkable for writers in publishing.

One thing we all have to agree is that when compared to other online publishing platforms, Wikinut is the best, regarding lay outs, graphics, inclusion of pictures and the general easiness for writers in publishing their articles. I still do not know if it is the best site in paying writers also. Since advertising is its lifeblood, it is better to leave alone what advertisements they display along with each writer’s published page. Perhaps these advertisements may not go concurrently with the content of the article, but since they are the things which help the platform sustain and stand on its own, it is justifiable and vital. Otherwise, how can I write this page here? More often, it is also to be noted that a few advertisements do make some dreary pages visually pleasing too.

Unlike many others, Wikinut permits links to author’s other works.

Whether Wikinut writers can plant links in their articles which lead to commercial establishments is another thing, a matter of policy. Certainly writers can give links to their own articles, which most writers gentleman-likely add in the end. If some writer includes a link inside the article, leading to something about which something is he writing that article, it again shall be right, for we do often see in this platform, writers including links to other publishing platforms and book-publishing sites. It is not a crime. What infuriates one, it would seem, would be a writer writing especially about some commercial establishment and receiving his normally due revenue, and at the same time receiving a commission from that commercial establishment for writing that piece there and for including that link, which unfortunately cannot be proved. What cannot be proved is, if he does receive commission.

Wikinut’s writers are incidentally the world’s best writers in English also.

Even if he does receive commission, but that article is a very good one, how much violation of terms and good conduct does the artier do or if it is a violation at all is a situation which needs more clarification. Such writers would not only be receiving more income than other legitimate writers, but would also be killing the spirit and enthusiasm in other writers for writing for Wikinut. Or is it not? In the long run, if it goes on and nearly everybody does it, two things will happen: Wikinut will be lowered to the ranks of inferior platforms which exist there for publishing articles about things for which the writer is paid for by the beneficiary companies; the intelligent users of Wikinut, who are incidentally the world’s best writers in English also, will begin to totally neglect such writers, such articles and such advertisements.

Articles published in Wikinut are more secure from misuse for their fame.

The writers of course have the freedom to publish their articles simultaneously in other publishing platforms also. Wikinut does not make it an issue or object to their republishing elsewhere. Besides, they welcome articles published elsewhere to be republished in Wikinut, provided copyright rules and other rights are not violated. But when we publish articles in other paying sites which do advertise and also sell articles or permit them to be simply copied, the articles would be copied by anyone and made use of for advertisements which are entirely contradictory to the contents of the article published. It is better to publish in Wikinut because it is found to be not as regularly copied and reused as in the case of many free article directories, considering the contents in the platform are more famous and therefore more secure.

I stand against everything that stand against everything that my country stands for.

This writer published an article which describes various arguments and scientific points to illustrate ‘why dogs should not be there’. No sooner this article was made available in platforms such as mentioned, than they were copied and made into web pages by some to show advertisements showing how dogs can be fed well, how they can be trained well and how they can be kept healthy. These copied and republished articles began to show advertisements of Kennel Clubs, Dog Trainers and Dog Food Manufacturers along with it. That article, why dogs should not be there, was skillfully manipulated and made use of to inculcate why dogs should be there. We have heard about a presidential candidate in the USA whose school composition page was collected by adversaries, a line which in his handwriting read ‘I stand against everything that stand against everything that my country stands for’ was words-omitted and manipulated to read ‘I stand against … … … … everything … my country stands for’, and made use of in the election to beat him.

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Sivaramakrishnan A
20th Jun 2013 (#)

Thought provoking post, looking at advertising and publishing on Wikinut from all angles. Not fair to take advantage for personal profit; obey the rules.Thank you, RameshChandra – siva

20th Jun 2013 (#)

When criticize others, we occasionally have to look back at our homes. Thank you Sivaramakrishnan A.

Terry Trainor
20th Jun 2013 (#)

Interesting post my friend, it has opened my eyes wider.

20th Jun 2013 (#)

So long as we like Wikinut, and like to continue to publish more articles here, it is better to understand well the pros and cons of the platform where we perform. This here is a light attempt. Someone may do a deep study and publish, some one with more grasp and knowledge of the subject, I hope. Thank you dear Terry Trainor.

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