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List and Link of Wikinut Articles by P.S.Remesh Chandran, Editor, Sahyadri Books & Bloom Books, Trivandrum.

1. Articles 001 To 010.

001. Solitude. Alexander Pope. Appreciation.

Alexander Pope was born a Catholic in the Protestant England, was forbidden to live in the LondonCity and had to pay a double taxation. Moreover, he was suffering from a series of diseases. To combat these handicaps, he possessed more than the courage of a lion. His poems were acrimonious attacks on society, and in a few cases they were against authority. He mentioned names in his poems, leaving dashes which his contemporaries happily filled in, to the embarrassment of his adversaries.

7th Mar 2011. Link: http://nut.bz/281k669t/

002. Sophist. A Poem With A Greek Theme. P.S.Remesh Chandran.

The ancient Sophist saints of Greece were exceptionally clever with the use of their tongues. Don’t play with them; they can bind us cunningly with their tongues. And don’t corner them; we will never forget what we get in retaliation. Here in this poem, one such sophist saint is being tried in Court for a crime when the Judges get stung. The classical sophists were well-versed in paradoxes. The Judges in the Trial Court fail in understanding the real meaning of what the saint said.

8th Mar 2011. Link. http://nut.bz/oth.p1gi/

003. The Forsaken Merman. Matthew Arnold. Appreciation.

Matthew Arnold has been a severe critic of Literature. Essays In Criticism was his monumental work in which he let no great poet go unscathed. Usually such critics would be asked a common question: why don’t you write a great poem? This poem The Forsaken Merman was Arnold’s answer in which he proved not only could he create poems of hilarious themes but could incorporate a number of exquisite tunes also in a single poem. After creating a few more poems he returned to Criticism and Academics.

13th Mar 2011. Link http://nut.bz/1ljtosiw/

004. The Leech-Gatherer. Wordsworth. Appreciation.

William Wordsworth’s poetry has no style because Nature and Life has no style. The perfect plainness of his poems gained him popularity. He mostly wrote about Nature and Man and is considered the world’s greatest Nature Poet. The world was very late in recognizing his merit. However, Glory found its way into his grave. The Leech-Gatherer is the universal symbol of Eternal Human Labour.

15th Mar 2011. Link: http://nut.bz/134a-2vx/

005. The LakeIsle Of Innisfree. W. B. Yeats. Appreciation.

Poets are accused to be unrealistic day-dreamers who are given to fancy. Day-dreaming and fancying all do and take off, but only a few can safely land also. W.B.Yeats was a perfect poet who could do both. Not many have expressed fancy in beautiful words as he did, and fewer still have reminded the world of it’s duties and responsibilities as effectively. This poem has always been a sensation among the poetry-reading public.

16th Mar 2011. Link: http://nut.bz/19ed-hvz/

006. Leisure. W.H.Davies. Appreciation.

Man is always eager to observe and enjoy the beauties of nature. Only that he does not get enough spare time to elate and thrill his mind by soaking up the magnificent spectacles Mother Nature has created around him. It was in the midst of and from these beauties that man was created. Therefore his wish to be with them is only natural. When he leaves them behind, he pines in his soul as if leaving his homeland.

16th Mar 2011. Link: http://nut.bz/qp4j6ml6/

007.  Song To The Men Of England. P.B.Shelley. Appreciation.

A revolutionary is a person who causes constant changes around him wherever he is. In this sense, Shelley was a revolutionary poet. Song To The Men Of England opened up world’s eyes to the torture, brutality and exploitation workers were subjected to in England during the time of her colonial prosperity and raised the question: Why can’t we revolt?

18th Mar 2011.  Link: http://nut.bz/21kpi-9l/

008. Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening. Robert Frost. Appreciation.

Nature creates many beauties for man to observe, but man being burdened with the multitude of tasks to run a family cannot spare his time for sharing the pleasantness nature imbues. In his rush of life he is forced to abandon the easy solaces nature offers which if accepted, would have served as a balm for his mind in flames. Robert Frost’s poem Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening shows a glimpse of what treasures man has lost. True, what man forgets first is the beauty of his mother.

19th Mar 2011.  Link: http://nut.bz/eslzz8m7/

009. Two Famous Death Poems. Appreciation.

Death is the end of all earthly cares and the beginning of eternal things. It is believed that the moment we die, we are born in another universe. With it begins a new way of being. More number of songs and poems are written on death than on birth. It is considered an important event in man’s life. In many communities all over the world, death is an occasion for festivity and celebration. Shakespeare’s Fear No More and James Shirley’s Death The Leveller are appreciated here.

21st Mar 2011. Link: http://nut.bz/evi23ktc/

010. Leave This Chanting. Tagore. Appreciation.

God was the most beautiful creation of mankind, created in man’s exact likeness, one playful, lovely and comely. So why not love him ardently and affectionately and respect him beyond everything as the creator who decided to stay? Tagore’s poem Leave This Chanting has universal appeal, the appreciation of which is presented here by P.S.Remesh Chandran, Editor, Sahyadri Books & Bloom Books, Trivandrum.

22nd Mar 2011. Link: http://nut.bz/1zdohpx2/

2. Articles 011 To 020

011. No More Hiroshimas. James Kirkup. Appreciation.

Mankind hates to destruct, in spite of the destructive traits inherent in man. In his heart, man is a good being who likes to preserve mankind’s achievements intact for the posterity. But politics is often not led by men, but by mobs and crowds. Wars when fought by single persons have always turned to be good to this world: Socrates, Tolstoy, Louis Pasteur. When fought by people, they turned hell loose in this world.

23rd Mar 2011. Link: http://nut.bz/c-q37yc7/

012. The Creation Of Man And Woman. Kahlil Gibran. Recast In The True Poetic Form. 

Kahlil Gibran is mistakenly considered to have written his poems in free verse or blank verse but actually he was hiding his exquisite tunes behind a mask, so that the dull wits and half wits of his times won’t attempt to sing them. Songs from his immortal work Tears And Laughter are fine examples of a poet locking out his lines. Two poems from Tears And Laughter, Creation Of Man and Creation Of Woman are presented here, slightly edited and recast in the true poetic form by P.S.Remesh Chandran.

8th Apr 2011. Link: http://nut.bz/i7sjvwju/

013. Song Of The Rain. Kahlil Gibran. Recast In The True Poetic Form. 

It is alleged that Kahlil Gibran hid his exquisite tunes behind a mask of blank verse to prevent the dull wits and the half wits of his times from enjoying his songs. This song is for the first time recast in the true poetic form by Sahyadri Books & Bloom Books, Trivandrum so that all the world may sing. It is expected that beautiful orchestrations of this immortal song will follow from other quarters of the world.

11th Apr 2011. Link: http://nut.bz/lbv9utb9/

014. Song Of The Wave. Kahlil Gibran. Recast In The True Poetic Form.

The sea, clouds and waves and the ever patient shore are a wonder to the new born babe, the steam engine like youth and the old man who is like a fading sunset. This energetic, thrilling, restless dame that is the ocean is shy and submissive to only one, her eternal and beloved lover, the shore. Their unending love story which has been going on and will continue to be so through the ages is presented here in the true poetic form.

15th Apr 2011. Link: http://nut.bz/12biqfdd/

015. A Poet’s Death Is His Life. Kahlil Gibran. Recast In The True Poetic Form.

This poem is Kahlil Gibran’s tribute to all human souls dying uncared for in this world. It is perhaps the most majestic portrayal of death in poetry. Gibran designed this poem as a psychic black hole of immense gravity which continues its journey through the abyss of time, consuming human souls on the way.

15th Apr 2011. Link: http://nut.bz/5lvc_3ta/

016. Are Our Women and Children Safe in Our Hospitals? P.S.Remesh Chandran.

Doctors like to think that they have immunity against crimes they commit on human lives caused by their ignorance, negligence and dereliction. This true story from India illustrates how unsafe the lives of our women and children are in our hospitals and how incapable and submissive are governments towards crimes by the blue-collared in India.

23rd Apr 2011. Link: http://nut.bz/26v_0o9d/

017. The Lotos-Eaters. Alfred Lord Tennyson. Appreciation.

The great veil of Victorian hypocrisy was lifted by Alfred Lord Tennyson and was shown to the world the lovely English mind behind it that was his. The Lotos-Eaters is the world’s greatest poetical experiment synchronizing sublime music with the changing moods and fancies of the exotic, psychedelic intoxication of a band of marine soldiers marooned on an island that nowhere existed.

24th Apr 2011. Link: http://nut.bz/1f8a7337/

018. Waterloo. Lord Byron. Appreciation.

The maps of Europe were drawn and redrawn many times during the Eighteenth and the Nineteenth centuries. Countries became nations and empires which in no time were reverted back to nations and countries. It was not uncommon for people of those times to lay down spoons and forks in the dead of night and take muskets and pistols to brave war. Lord Byron in his famous poem portrays such a scene from the European arena.

26th Apr 2011. Link: http://nut.bz/3.ub8mva/

019. The Patriot. Robert Browning. Appreciation.

Browning was a skilled poet, an expert in creating frantic situations in poetry. In the Pied Piper of Hamelin it was mysterious loss of all children from a town due to a word not being kept. In My Last Duchess it was killing of a long line of innocent duchesses by a jealous duke, the story being told without even presenting a second character. In The Patriot, it is adoration by people immediately followed by chaining, dragging through the streets, stoning by crowds and execution in the gallows.

13th May 2011. Link: http://nut.bz/1i9q667s/

020. The Indispensable Opposition. Walter Lippmann. Appreciation.

A must read for all who love mankind and human speech. An apt admonishment from a long-gone American writer whose great eloquence and excellent arguments in favour of the liberty of speech is once more brought to public attention. His bold opinions are dire predictions which help envision the rise of China as the most oppressive tyrannical rule in the modern world. Going through the article we will wonder whether it is China’s story told 50 years in advance.

15th May 2011. Link: http://nut.bz/js8.djla/

3. Articles 021 To 030

021. Bernard Shaw’s Inspiration His Own Life. Based on Bertrand Russell. Appreciation Study.

To know what inspired George Bernard Shaw, the strange and out of the way things in his life need only be just gone through. It is clear that it was his own life that inspired him. It is very interesting to watch the tiny ship of his life navigating the tumultuous seas. Bertrand Russell’s observations on Shaw are the base for this article which is aimed at only elucidating his observations.

16th May 2011. Link: http://nut.bz/160_gv7f/

022. Shaw’s Views on Freedom. Re-Introduced.

Bernard Shaw set human minds on fire everywhere. We would be thrilled to even think about the judges, parliament members, writers, academicians and newspaper editors in England, India, America, France, South Africa, New Zealand, Switzerland, China and Russia who very much wished for the head and blood of this acerbic philosopher of wit and wisdom. Shaw’s thoughts on Ultimate Freedom Of Man that infuriated these so called intelligentsia but pleased common people everywhere are reintroduced here.

21st May 2011. Link: http://nut.bz/1vq_e18x/

023. The Nightingale And The Rose. Oscar Wilde. Story. Reintroduced.

Birds love for their life. They do not change partners in the middle of a stream. They do not know about the fickleness of human love. And they do not know about the instant fancies of immature human mind that we call love. Knowing not this cost a Nightingale its dear life. That is the story in Oscar Wilde’s ‘The Nightingale and the Rose.’

6th Jun 2011. Link: http://nut.bz/13yul8ts/

024. Spring Time. O. Henry. Story. Re-Introduced.

O.Henry’s stories are famous for the twist towards their end. William Sydney Porter was the real person behind this name. He wrote more than Two hundred short stories, almost all of them equally famous. His stories are noted for the great sympathy they show towards human life. Here in this story he is describing how the happiness of spring is returning to Sarah’s life after the cold of a winter.

6th Jun 2011. Link: http://nut.bz/3rrqb.i5/

025. Good Manners. J.C.Hill. Essay. Reintroduced.

We are staying on this planet only for a very short time. Before it is a hundred years, our times are out. We will never see those who we live with again in our lives. Perhaps we will never see a human face again. This is our only chance to see, acquaint with and deal with human beings. So why not behave politely, and please them and help them? A famous British writer’s observations are reintroduced here.

4th Jul 2011. Link: http://nut.bz/t5js2x7m/

026. Young Years of Abraham Lincoln. Essay. P. S. Remesh Chandran.

Sponsorship, back support and resources of large industrial empires and business houses are needed now to make a person the head of a nation, and it is not a secret too. Elections are won or lost according to the skill and riches of supporting industrialists and businessmen. Things were not so till a few decades earlier. It was an era when people said ‘my cause is greater than my birth.’

5th Jul 2011. Link: http://nut.bz/24damds0/

027. Vinoba Bhave. John Spenser. Essay. Reintroduced.

Once an Australian writer wrote a book about a strange thing happening in India and developing there as a very interesting and great public movement. It was originated by an Indian scholar and saint, which gradually gained momentum and became a landmark in the history of the nation. This interesting story is reintroduced here along with its aftereffects in the recent years. Spenser is not responsible for paragraphs from four onwards in this article.

8th Jul 2011. Link: http://nut.bz/21nds2jj/

028. Learning To Write Poems. Essay. P.S.Remesh Chandran.

Poems are made of human thoughts. They are the spontaneous, natural outflow of emotions evolving from close and objective observations of the things and circumstances around us. Since human mind carries a bit of cosmic world inborn in it, it cannot prevent itself from rising to elations at the revelation of truth at moments of discovery. How to create and write poems has been an eternal question, the answers to which occupy a considerable portion and major status in philosophic literature.

10th Jul 2011. Link: http://nut.bz/8px9np69/

029. Son From America. Isaac Singer. Story. Reintroduced.

The Jews are a race hunted down and persecuted through centuries and generations. In whichever countries they migrated and escaped to, they did well and made a decent living. Their endurance before endless adversities owes to the simplicity in their lives. They even reached Cochin Kerala centuries earlier in quest of a quiet life. Now they have their home land to where they are returning, again to fight for the existence of their nation. Won’t the world leave them alone?

11th Jul 2011. Link: http://nut.bz/2zzou3c./

030. Father’s Help. R.K.Narayan. Story. Reintroduced.

Children are very reluctant to go school due to various reasons, especially on Monday mornings. They will find many excellent reasons for not going to school, which are not new to us as we all had taken out the same excuses in our childhood days to evade going to school. But it is good to be very sympathetic and considerate to them in their little problems which to them are big. Who knows whether they would be having big genuine problems in school or not?

11th Jul 2011. Link: http://nut.bz/228jxdn3/

4. Articles 031 To 040

031. All The World’s A Stage. William Shakespeare. Song. Appreciation.

Human beings are born far earlier than when they are ripe to be delivered. If they are retained inside mother body till sufficient growth, the child cannot come out due to large head size. So it has been arranged that they come out early when the head is comparatively small, and remain an invalid infant in the outside world for a very long time, compared to the relatively short infancy of other mammals. That is the price human beings pay for their higher intelligence among the mammalian world.

12th Jul 2011.Link: http://nut.bz/.ajc3xow/

032. Buddha, The Light Of Asia. Earnest O. Haucer. Essay. Reintroduced.

Monks fighting invaders, attackers, aggressors, robbers, daylight thieves and foreign legions is not a new thing. It has been done innumerable times in the past ages and monks in monasteries temples pagodas pavilions and caves were specially trained to defend and protect the places of their worship which also served as seats of learning and centres and stores of knowledge. Remember the Cultural Revolution and cleansing which gained nothing but was a waste of human lives. It is happening again.

1st Aug 2011. Link: http://nut.bz/1kg0sufh/

033. Houses Where Husbands Are Dogs And Dogs Are Husbands. Essay. P.S.Remesh Chandran.

A dog’s barking is one of the ugliest sounds in this world, but there are people who enjoy it as sweet music-the psychiatrically deranged in our society. At the expense and peril of mankind, they make laws placing dogs above man and god so that they can continue uninterrupted with their carnal pleasures with their dogs. Diseases originating from dogs are sweeping this globe and claiming human lives in thousands. This article is the first of a trio, unravelling the real story behind dog-loving.

13th Aug 2011. Link: http://nut.bz/3mvmo01t/

034. After Gays And Lesbians, Dog Lovers Are The Next To Claim Recognition As A Community. Essay. P.S.Remesh Chandran.

Every house where dogs bark continuously will have at least one person who is intolerantly jealous of the tranquillity nature provides its creations, irrespective of whether he is the nation head, judge, law-maker, politician or parliamentarian. The world has seen enough of them and their follies and crimes not to be startled by. Some sleep with the other sex, some with the same sex and some with dogs. The world pays the price through horrible diseases such as dengue, rabies and chikungunya.

22nd Sep 2011. Link: http://nut.bz/1l_gj_nm/

035. Who said It Is God’s Own Country? Kerala Is Now Dogs’ Own Country. Essay. P.S.Remesh Chandran.

India feeds two nations, a nation of 100 crores human beings and another nation of 150 crores dogs, resulting in the Indians’ eating too much, as Obama observed, leading to a world food shortage. Dozens of diseases such as dengue, chikungunya and rabies originated from dogs and killed millions in India, Asia and Europe. Their incessant barking is now the inescapable background noise of nations. And these pests cannot be killed. Powerful people who use dogs sexually protect them in all nations.

2nd Oct 2011. Link: http://nut.bz/1q5re8gd/

036. Thoughts At The Ferry. E. V. Lucas. Essay. Reintroduced.

Ferrymen and their boats are a departing lot. The world depended on them much for thousands and thousands of years to reach destinations and return to home. But when bridges came to be built across rivers, they became of no use. But in remote hamlets and in unreachable parts of the world they still can be seen, transporting people across rivers, ensuring the onward progress and flow of human life. E.V.Lucas makes a quick glance into the mind of a ferryman.

23rd Sep 2011. Link: http://nut.bz/3orvhmnz/

037. How Many Handwritings Can You Have? Illustrated Essay. P.S.Remesh Chandran. Humour>Puzzles & Brain Teasers.

When a person writes or draws, thought from his brain flows through his hands and fingers and spreads on the paper. Just as face is the index of feelings, handwriting is an index of habits as well as of character. Character of the person can be analyzed from his works on paper. Sometimes lines and words will supplement each other and special sense will be needed to assess such creations. A few hand made specimens from the Editor of Sahyadri Books & Bloom Books, Trivandrum are included here.

14th Oct 2011. Link: http://nut.bz/171xjcty/

038. The Angel In The House. Virginia Woolf. Essay. Reintroduced.

Virginia Woolf was a British essayist, novelist and critic. The Voyage Out, Night And Day and Jacob’s Room are her famous books. Professions For Women was a lecture she gave before a women’s meeting. A woman can be a doctor, a lawyer, a civil servant or a journalist. But in all these professions, the woman has to beat two opponents- the hold of her own womanishness over her and the fear of her opinion of what men would say.

18th Nov 2011. Link: http://nut.bz/1ns3iwjj/

039. In Praise Of Mistakes. Robert Lynd. Essay. Reintroduced.

Robert Lynd is famous for his essays of wit, wisdom and humour. Here he is writing ‘in praise of mistakes’, how they are useful and how they are enjoyable to the world. It is his opinion that it is difficult to write something without slipping somewhere. Mistakes do not interfere with our enjoyment of a writer and the only unpardonable sin in an author is writing uninterestingly. This Irish genius who made us laugh shared the world with us during 1879-1949.

25th Nov 2011. Link: http://nut.bz/25tqv807/

040. Student Mobs. J.B.Priestley. Essay. Reintroduced.

Disciplined students under strict masters have created empires and dynasties in this world. The lone Chandragupta captivated by the severe Chaanakya Gupta founded the famous Maurya Empire in North India and the twaine created classical political theories the world still reveres. Alexander found his master in Aristotle and the pair was responsible for the greatest changes in the political and cultural structure of the world. This article is homage to those good old days of studentship.

1st Dec 2011. Link: http://nut.bz/3dpl.fk1/

5. Articles 041 To 050

041. Chocolate Bus. Robert Lynd. Essay. Reintroduced.

Omnibus was the old name for a bus. When city buses were newly introduced in the London streets, they were uniformly coloured chocolate. Robert Lynd disliked them for their colour which was dull and non-interesting to the eyes and also because they deprived him of the delights of walking. Like A.G.Gardiner’s Bus Conductor, Lynd’s Chocolate Bus reminds us of the many virtues which are leaving us one by one. And buses too may say farewell to us just as row boats did when bridges came into being.

5th Dec 2011. Link: http://nut.bz/dbid7g_4/

042. Darlings Of The Department. The Story Of Harry Vinoir. P.S.Remesh Chandran.

When someone steals 3.2 millions from government treasury, causes the death of one woman, two children and three men in this adventure and escapes into the safety of a promotion post of a very senior officer in that government, a few will admire him but the majority of the people in the world will wonder who is ruling Kerala and if there is any law and policing there. Any sensible person will ask who that rogue is. Read here the true story.

6th Jan 2012. Link: http://nut.bz/3xu7tqdk/

043. What Computerization Without Electricity In Kerala? Essay. P.S.Remesh Chandran.

When we hear that computerization without electricity has been undertaken in some part of the world, we will normally think some innovation has been made possible there. Really it is one of the many recent follies of Kerala people. Even though many well educated and talented Keralites have migrated to many countries and are engaged there in prestigious firms in the computer hardware and software industry, their local rulers and political leaders are clay heads, still in the bullock cart age.

25th Oct 2011. Link: http://nut.bz/ceu3pzgc/

044. Knowledge And Wisdom. Bertrand Russell. Essay. Reintroduced.

Bertrand Russell was a British philosopher who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1950. Roads To Freedom, Principia Mathematica, Marriage And Morals, The Conquest Of Happiness, etc, are a few of his famous writings. Here he distinguishes between and defines knowledge and wisdom. Life experiences of a person process his knowledge into wisdom. Knowledge, comprehensive vision, pursuit of purpose, emancipation or freedom and impartiality in opinions and views are what constitute wisdom.

10th Feb 2012. Link:  http://nut.bz/1kqrxzyw/

045. The Emerging World Society. Dr. S. Radhakrishnan. Essay. Reintroduced.

A few recent leaders of India, who are neither writers nor philosophers, are fast bringing about laws to curb the use of international social media by the people of India. They are furious over the speed and completeness with which their clandestine favouritism and corruption are brought to daylight each day. It is really the Internet which brought the world people together. It is time these fools read what the famous philosopher and former President of India wrote on The Emerging World Society.

11th Feb 2012. Link: http://nut.bz/2tge_ko-/

046. Belief In God. Dr. A. J. Cronin. Essay. Reintroduced.

Whether God exists is a question people have been trying to answer through the ages. At least once in our life we are asked this question and have to answer. One interesting fellow once observed that if we are asked this question it is always safe to answer that He does exist, because if he does not exist we have nothing to fear but if He does exist, then we will have to fear his wrath and retaliation for denying him. It is interesting to note here what a famous doctor wrote in this regard.

18th Feb 2012. Link: http://nut.bz/2nh_co2x/

047.  Think Twice Before Publishing With Free Article Directories. Essay. P.S.Remesh Chandran.

Online publishing platforms are a great solace not only to those who seek up-to-date and current knowledge, but for those who wish to publish articles without complications also. Websites like Wikinut serve this purpose fine. One can also publish articles in free article directories like Go Articles and E Zine which would surely bring traffic to one’s website. But once a sensible writer steps into this alien field, he would soon realize that he has actually stepped into a treacherous bog.

2nd May 2012. Link: http://nut.bz/33p2m1bq/

048. Non-Violence. Aldous Huxley. Essay. Reintroduced.

When national policies conflict, there is war. It always has been so, in spite of the world’s nations’ attempts to settle things amicably. Violence is the sister of war and mighty nations are not shameful to unleash violence on their next door neighbours, next day brothers. Non-violence has been the cherished dream of mankind since the first sunrise after the dawn of civilization. Even then the realization of this dream is remaining far distant due to psychological settings of the world’s mind.

21st Aug 2012. Link: http://nut.bz/238onx5a/

049. Life Without Fear. Bertrand Russell. Essay. Reintroduced.

Fear is an ancient feeling of human beings, the right application of which saved mankind from taking too many risks and helped facilitate the continued existence of mankind. Actually fear is the essential pre-requisite to courage. But in the modern day world which is not as danger-prone as the ancient primitive world had been, man fears to even release his breath. World famous philosopher Bertrand Russell analyzes the operation of fear.

8th Oct 2012. Link: http://nut.bz/s6rjyi46/

050. Rise Of A Star. Scenes From The Life Of Jesus Christ 1. Paintings Of James Tissot. P.S.Remesh Chandran.

In the modern day world, tracing the life of a great man is not difficult, for there would be photographs of his taken by contemporaries in his time. But what would we do to observe the life of a great man who lived among us before 2000 years? We have the only option of searching for paintings that may exist in castles, caves, churches, monasteries or archives. Luckily, to view the like of Jesus, we have a unique collection of paintings done by a single person, saved at a single repository.

28th Dec 2012. Link: http://nut.bz/2nuw71e4/

6. Articles 051 Onwards 

051. The Healing Artist. Scenes From The Life Of Jesus Christ 2. Paintings Of James Tissot. P.S.Remesh Chandran.

Healing is an art, closely associated with divinity. We consider doctors who heal our diseases as gods. It is the learning and spiritual cleanliness of the doctor that heals the diseases in most occasions. To heal the sick, we needn’t possess the required conventional medical qualifications necessarily; the qualities of ardence and purity will do instead. The science and art of healing is closely connected with the word. Word here means, and applications and manifestations of sound.

31st Dec 2012. Link: http://nut.bz/31l0a4s4/

052. The Send-Off. Wilfred Owen. Poem. Reintroduced.

Jean Jacques Bebel, the Swiss historian has calculated that in the 5000 years of the recent history of the world, only 282 years were devoid of any kind of wars. Peace is the brief interval between two wars. A shot sent at a visiting Prussian Prince and his wife by a young student at Austria, and the life of millions was shattered and the way of life of the world changed for ever. Horrors of the First World War were sung by thousands but Wilfred Owens’ poems were brought hot from the war front.

17th Jan 2013. Link: http://nut.bz/2m900dvw/

053. Doctors, Politicians, Bureaucrats, People and Private Practice. Documentary Essay. P.S.Remesh Chandran.

Governments’ banning the private practice of doctors has a history of 50 years, exactly as old as the abandonment of health and welfare of people by them. Wherever there are uneducated politicians and jealous bureaucrats, they share this common animosity and jealousy towards doctors. Bureaucrats retire at an age and politicians stop when party men stop following them. This hatred and jealousy stems from the right of doctors to practice medicine till the end of their days.

9th Feb 2013. Link: http://nut.bz/o8knr57t/



[Updated as on 24th Feb 2013]



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