Swan- The Intelligent Picture Book. Part I. Single Line Drawings of P.S.Remesh Chandran

Swan- The Intelligent Picture Book. Part I. Single Line Drawings of P.S.Remesh Chandran

By PSRemeshChandra, 8th Mar 2014.

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Single line drawings are rare. Even those who attempted them in the past have not cared to publish them. In our estimate, after going through publishing companies’ catalogues and what internet search offers, no book of intelligent single line drawings has ever appeared in print or digital media. We have a few such drawings in the Archives of Sahyadri Books & Bloom Books, Trivandrum, all done by Mr. P.S.Remesh Chandran in the Millennium Year 2000. We hereby publish them in their original form.

Are you still working on the Swan?

Swan 067 Lulu EMail Letter Dated 13 Aug 2009Are you still working on Swan?


Formatting this article presented us with a problem. As the forty-plus images made the article lengthy, we had to distribute the text evenly, in sections from beginning to end to contain pictures. They were a continuous self-contained introduction and still are.

Welcome By Sahyadri Books & Bloom Books, Trivandrum.

Swan 001 Front Sahyadri Books Trivandrum ItalicWelcome. Sahyadri Books & Bloom Books Trivandrum


We request readers therefore to read them as such, as a continuous introduction of a few paragraphs, even though they are apparently separated from each other and distributed distantly with images. We request readers also not to connect them with the images.

Pictures reflect loveliness, flair and feelings of the intellect, i.e., one’s genius.

Swan 002 Jan 01 Pictures Reflect Loveliness FlairPictures Reflect Loveliness, Flair And Feelings


The text in this article in no way is meant to explain images displayed above them. They are an independent entity. It is better to read the text first and then view the images. We hope our dignified and orthodox readers would forgive us for the inconvenience and somewhat inappropriateness this may cause.

Brain is the first thing that’s born and the last thing that dies.

Swan 003 Front Brain Is The First Thing That's BornBrain Is The First Thing That Is Born


Single line drawings are very easy to create. They are also called one line drawings. They are constituted with a single stroke of the hand. Because of this simple structure of theirs and also due to their limitations in their scope for expression, they are usually created with pencils, pens, quills, crayons and wax, not with painting brushes.

Swan- The Intelligent Picture Book.

Swan 065 Book Cover For Swan The Intelligent Picture BookSwan- The Intelligent Picture Book. Cover


Painting brushes need more strokes of the human hand to finish a picture. They are usually meant to create depth in a picture through colours. Paintings enjoy much freedom of the movements of human hand. Single line drawings cannot take that much freedom or privilege.

Which is the question and which is the answer? Please turn the pages.

Swan 004 Front Turn The PagesSwan. Turn The Pages Please


In a single line drawing, the movement of human hand is limited to one single stroke and therefore the movement of the mind also is limited. It is this limitation and barrier that we break or bridge by incorporating script in a single line drawing. We know, paintings do not have script in them generally.

The wave goes on through Life, Samadhi, Nirvana and Moksha.

Swan 005 Jan 04 Life Samadhi Nirvana MokshaLife Samadhi Nirvana Moksha


Leopold Stokowski, Pablo Picasso, all have done single line drawings in their time. Some made an external profile and filled in with continuous movements of a line to make their picture. Some envisioned the end product in their mind and realized it on the medium with a single stroke. Some just followed their crazy imagination and spontaneity with their hand.

Which is the horn and where is the elephant?

Swan 006 Jan 08 Which Is Horn And Where Is ElephantWhich Is The Horn And Where Is The Elephant?


We have gone through hundreds of pictures classified under line drawings, out line drawings, one line drawings and single line drawings. The majority of them, of what we had the opportunity to see, were mostly interesting but not intelligent and stimulating generally. We now have the opinion that Sahyadri’s pictures are unique and that is why we dare release these pictures.

Which is the bugle and which is the pin?

Swan 007 Jan 11 Which Is Bugle And Which Is PinWhich Is The Bugle And Which Is The Pin?


We release these pictures as such, without editing, colouring or any kind of beautification and polishing. We know, once such things are done- the background print removed, lettering projected well-cut in colours and lines traced in other neon colours- it would add charm to these pages and make them magnificent to look at.

Which is the boat and which is the lamp with the flame?

Swan 008 Jan 15 Which Is Boat And Which Is Lamp With FlameWhich Is The Boat And Which Is The Lamp?


But we leave this remaining task to gifted children all over the world, in the present and in future, who surely will come across these pictures in their time. It is their pleasure to do it. In their hands, with their craft, we hope, these pictures will fill up themselves and stand up and please their young minds.

How many factions and how many lines?

Swan 010 Jan 20 How Many Factions How Many LinesHow Many Factions And How Many Lines?


Script in these pages may be in differing and unreadable styles but making them out with the help of pictures or making pictures out with the help of scripts is in itself a rewarding exercise, to be practiced by readers so that their multi skills- aesthetic as well as linguistic- may develop.

A cock brooding on an egg.

Swan 011 Jan 22 A Cock Brooding On An EggA Cock Brooding On An Egg


Sometimes, deciphering the script would be the exercise. There are also pictures with no script, the meaning of which are left to the common sense of readers. In such cases, the artist and designer had either forgotten to include suggestive writings or had nothing to write. Perhaps, he himself had not understood them. Anyway the readers also, especially the young and brilliant ones, may want to add their own meaningful script.

How many faces?

Swan 012 Jan 25 How Many FacesHow Many Faces?


A few writings are in the author’s native land Kerala’s Malayalam language and a very few other ones are in the North India’s language Hindi. But the script is, generally, in English. There are a few others in the remaining two parts of this book which have incorporated words from French and Tamil.

Which is the spiral galaxy and which is the sea wave?

Swan 013 Jan 27 Which Is Spiral Galaxy Which Is Sea WaveWhich Is The Spiral Galaxy And Sea Wave?


Lines cannot have a language except one of emotions, appealing to intelligence. Sometimes there will not be pictures but writings alone. They too are meant to convey something intelligent, perhaps a coinage of phrases which, the author thinks, is meaningful.

Which is the sun-flare and which is the crescent moon?

Swan 014 Jan 29 Which Is Sun Flare Which Is Crescent MoonWhich Is Sun Flare And Which Is Crescent Moon?


There are several pictures from the author’s original diary excluded in this collection as they would be totally irrelevant to an international audience. Some of them are fully in regional languages and they depend more on script than lines to convey a message. Many of them are tricky advertisement posters and displays for films and books.

God sees the truth and sends waves.

Swan 015 Feb 01 God Sees Truth And Sends WavesGod Sees The Truth And Sends Waves


Even though these pictures have their position on their pages, they needn’t always be viewed as such, in vertical positions. Often, rotating them on a computer will reveal their fuller meaning or other meanings, if writings on the sides, above or below suggest so.

Sitting at ease the eastern way.

Swan 016 Feb 03 Sitting At EaseSitting At Ease


Skilled, patient viewers can read them anyway, moving their heads to the desired position, even without rotating pictures. It is safer to download and save pictures to your computer and make a copy before rotating, as rotating them may alter some of their properties.

Which is the alphabet hanging on the other?

Swan 017 Feb 05 Which Is The Alphabet Hanging On The OtherWhich Is The Alphabet Hanging On The Other


Copying pictures to a computer or a similar devise has also the advantage of being able to enlarge them and read undecipherable script easily, which is one of the challenges we want to pose before the readers through these pictures. Once they are in your computer, you can start Photoshop and Picassa and do what you wish. Whatever you do, you will be improving the picture.

The girl with the mirror. Back Cover Picture Of The Swan.

Swan 018 Feb 08 The Girl With The MirrorThe Girl With The Mirror. Back Cover Picture


Reading different and illegible scripts is also a skill which we wish to impart to readers through these pictures. Where the scripts are obscure, they can certainly be guessed with the help of the lines and a little common sense. The lines and writings are meant to supplement each other.

Artist, Script, Design Credits for the book The Swan.

Swan 020 Feb 12 Artist Script Design English Service InsttArtist Script Design Credits For The Book The Swan


We selected pictures according to the date of their drawing rather than selecting them based on theme or finery in perception. They stand as such- bare, unpolished and crude. It’s the world’s interested future generations who are going to build on them.

How many claws in this serpent?

Swan 021 Feb 15 How Many Claws In This SerpentHow Many Claws In This Serpent?


There may be good ones among them and there may surely also be inferior ones. It is the reader who is to judge on them, not us. Even though these pictures were made in the 2000s, the idea of their publishing was thought about seriously only after a few years later.

How many plantain petals?

Swan 022 Feb 19 How Many Plantain Petals. Vazha PolaHow Many Plantain Petals? Vaazha Pola.


This novel idea of a book was first put before Lulu Publishers who encouraged us to finish this book early and publish with them. Here is one mail from this worthy publisher. There were others also who presented us with options.

A splash on the head or a flowery design?

Swan 023 Feb 22 Splash On The Head Or Flowery DesignA Splash On The Head Or Flowery Design?


We will discuss the many publishing chances and scope for this kind of a book else where. This introduction which is spread in the three parts of this book only aims to show how these kinds of pictures can happen. Dear reader, from here onward, it would be the author of this book who would be speaking to you:

Where is the bird and where is the swan?

Swan 024 Feb 24 Where Is The Bird And Where Is SwanWhere Is The Bird And Where Is The Swan?


You may ask why this collection of pictures is termed an ‘intelligent picture book’. It is simply because you can use it to gauge your own or another person’s intelligence without the aid of anyone or anything else. Gauging another person’s intelligence is a necessity human race has always faced. The tools which we can use to gauge one’s intelligence and quickness of mind are but few. Even those tools which are there are either not accessible to the ordinary citizens or unaffordable for them.

Where is the sea and where is the lotus?

Swan 025 Feb 26 Where Is The Sea And Where Is LotusWhere Is The Sea And Where Is The Lotus?


Each man responds to this kind of pictures in correspondence with the level of his intelligence and clarity and alertness of conscience. Dormant genius and intelligence can be sparked up by quick glimpses of vision which the pictures may provide. Some may never read the script, some may never connect the script with the pictures but some skilled others will in no time read the script as well as connect them with the pictures, in whichever positions the scripts are displayed.

An absurd question with a picture or an absurd picture with a question?

Swan 027 Mar 02 Whose Egg The Swan's Or The Crow'sWhose Egg, The Swan’s Or The Crow’s?


As a general rule, the lesser the time one takes to fully comprehend a picture, the better and clearer his intelligence can be gauged to be. If you know what is there in a picture, you can assess the intelligence of another person by gauging the time he or she takes to comprehend the picture fully, without you needing being anywhere near the higher level of his intelligence. If you are going to interview someone top for your company, be ready with these pictures. And never take these suggestive chapter headings with you. They will take away the suspense and deprive the test of its spirit.

How many submarines are there, doing what?

Swan 028 Mar 04 Submarine Entering A LagoonSubmarine Entering A Lagoon.


Even though these pictures were done in the 2000s, their publishing was not taken seriously until 2009, the year of my beginning work in internet. When they were drawn, they were done on pages of diaries and costlier books. I could have drawn them on plain paper for I normally used criss-cross-type bond paper for all my writing.

Artful collection from Sahyadri Art Syndicate.

Swan 030 Apr 13 Artful Collection From Sahyadri Art SyndicateArtful Collection From Sahyadri Art Syndicate.


I knew someday these pictures will have to be cleaned, their background of printed words painstakingly removed and lines and pen-written letters traced in neon colours before sending them to a decent press- needing the expertise of a professional talent. I am not such a person and I do not have time to become one. What I wanted was that without a professional touch, these drawings shall not go to a printing press.

Advertisement for the book Jalaja Padma Raaji or The Lotos Band.

Swan 031 Apr 18 Advertisement For Jalaja Padma RaajiAdvertisement For Jalaja Padma Raaji.


For a time, my dreams were full of the book becoming a hit and millions and millions of copies being sold all over the world. One certainly has the right to dream. But soon I came to know that publishing a picture book, especially this kind of a book, was not easy. For one thing, a book of single line drawings is not an accepted and popular idea in the book publishing industry.

Can you follow this picture through the eyes?

Swan 032 Apr 20 Can You Follow This Picture Coral ReefCan You Follow This Picture Through The Eyes?


For another, the pages of the book were not done in exquisite colours, resembling beautiful neon displays in a thoroughfare at night. Another factor against the marketability of the book is, picture books are usually published for little children. Publishing picture books for infants is a very large and lucrative industry indeed. ‘Swan’ does not belong to this category. After one or two years, Lulu stopped reminding me of the book. Even before that, I had stopped remembering it myself.

A cactus, spiral coil or which side of the fruit, the pine apple?

Swan 033 Apr 22 Cactus, Spiral Coil Which Side Of Pine AppleCactus, Spiral Coil Or Which Side Of Pine Apple?


So that’s how this book came to be. It was started accidentally by a whim of ethereal elements and completed within a short period of time. Procrastination was in the publishing of the book, not in completing it. As to the modus operandi of this book- how these pictures were envisioned and how the script were conceived- I will discuss in the second part of this book.

The sunrise and sunset as usual played outside.

Swan 035 Apr 29 The Sunrise And Sunset...English ScriptThe Sunrise And Sunset As Usual Played Outside.


I will discuss the hard experiences and surprising retaliation from government I had to undergo after completing this book in the third part, which experiences made me more determined to release this book to the world though nothing anti-governmental is contained in this book.

A mummy’s head or a purda-clad woman with apron?

Swan 036 Apr 25 A Mummy's Head Or A Purda-Clad Woman With ApronA Mummy’s Head Or A Purda-Clad Woman With Apron?


I must admit, some one dead and gone- actually two- took hold my hands and drew these pictures for me, though I was perfectly well aware of what they were doing through me. In those times, though it was a hard experience to withstand emotionally and physically, I did come up with this book.

Your Swan looks humpy. It is rejected.

Swan 038 May 06 Your Swan Looks Humpy. It Is RejectedYour Swan Looks Humpy. It Is Rejected.


There were not only pictures, but songs, excellent stories, threads for films, full length films, exhilarating discourses, all I spectatored in that times in the brain. How our forefathers can forcefully enter our brain and present us with a multitude of very interesting things to entertain us is a mystery indeed to many but not to me now. It is a legacy of life for our forefathers to come and enter into our brains, hide in our genes and express themselves to entertain us in times of our isolation, sadness and penury. They know how to console their young ones in times of need.

One maize choir equivalent, sunlit cloud could you have…..

Swan 040 May 10 One Maize Choir Equivalent Eng Mlm ScriptOne Maize Choir Equivalent Sunlit Cloud.


Brain is a very brilliant thing indeed. In our dreams we can see full length colour feature films which remain such vivid in memory for many years that we can draw them out in paper or in celluloid later. The speeches we hear in daylight or in the darkness of night from our brains are finer than the finest of orations we have ever heard from the most brilliant speakers on stage.

Fill up the flames and find out who?

Swan 041 May 10 Oru Chola Kathirolam Fill Up The FlamesFill Up The Flames And Find Out Who?


The songs we hear in our brain can be captured on paper if we also get the respite and breathe-space to capture them in the midst of that fine mental orchestra and they can be recorded and made into gramophone records if we are equipped enough. It is a wonder what strange and versatile things our bygone parents can do on us by entering into our brains.

How many eels?

Swan 042 May 13 How Many EelsHow Many Eels?


The only thing we have to take care is, while listening to these fine orchestras in our brains, do not stand there in the midst of the road but cross it safely also. Do not act with your hands and legs and face expressions in the drama that’s going on as prompted by our forefathers in the brain in the midst of people looking at us, but keep control of your self and learn the trick of keeping dual levels of brain activities.

Not a frog but a smudging donkey reversed.

Swan 043 May 16 Not A Frog But A Smudging Donkey ReversedNot A Frog But A Smudging Donkey Reversed.


Unless you do this, this simultaneous performance in the physical world as well as in the psychic world, your sanity will be questioned and you may even land in sanitariums. Thus you will fail in doing justice to whoever is possessing you by failing in your mission of expressing for them.

‘The moving finger writes and having writ, moves on’.

Swan 044 May 18 The Moving Finger Writes And Having WritThe Moving Finger Writes And Having Writ Moves On.


They who enter our brains as part of their right- we may me their sons and daughters and beloved neighbours- have no physical barriers. They have no physique except ours which they seek, to fulfill our combined mission for the betterment of human race. That is the plan and schematics of life. In no moment in our life are we ever free of manifestations of the continuing workings of generations of our departed parents. The only thing that confuses us and which remains to be proved yet is, if our future generations in the ether also are manifesting their actions in us.

Which is the way out for the escapist?

Swan 045 May 20 Which Is The Way Out For The EscapistWhich Is The Way Out For The Escapist?


The forbearance I felt in those times is now past and today it’s a sweet memory. My mother stood by me in those hard times and without her presence, kindness, ardence, and affection and caring, I could not have withstood the confusion in those times which I could reveal to no one due to its special nature. She is now no more and I dedicate this book, ‘Swan- The Intelligent Picture Book’ to her sweet memory.

The bell who tolls for none.

Swan 046 May 25 The Bell Who Tolls For NoneThe Bell Who Tolls For None.



Thank you dear reader, for following this article to the end. We admire your patience. This is the First Part of Swan- The Intelligent Picture Book’. There is a Second and a Third Part which we will publish here soon.

Pictures are from the archives of Sahyadri Books
& Bloom Books, Trivandrum. Copyright rests with
P.S.Remesh Chandran.

If you cannot access all pages of P.S.Remesh Chandran, Editor, Sahyadri Books & Bloom Books, Trivandrum, kindly access them via this link provided here:

For more articles of this kind, visit SAHYADRI BOOKS ONLINE here or BLOOM BOOKS, TRIVANDRUM.

Or for a variety, you can visit Kerala Health Research Online or Poetry Editorial Services.


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Meet the author


Editor of Sahyadri Books & Bloom Books, Trivandrum. Author of several books in English and in Malayalam. And also author of ‘Swan, The Intelligent Picture Book’.

Unmarried and single. Born and brought up in Nanniyode, a little village in the Sahya Mountain Valley in Trivandrum, Kerala. Mother University educated and father British Council-trained Teacher. Matriculation with Distinction and Pre Degree Studies with National Merit Scholarship. Discontinued Diploma Studies in Electronics and entered Politics.

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How Many Handwritings Can You Have? P.S.Remesh Chandran.

37. How Many Handwritings Can You Have?

P.S.Remesh Chandran.

Editor, Sahyadri Books & Bloom Books,Trivandrum.


By PSRemeshChandra, 14th Oct 2011.  Short URL http://nut.bz/171xjcty/
Posted in Wikinut  Humour  Puzzles & Brain Teasers


When a person writes or draws, thought from his brain flows through his hands and fingers and spreads on the paper. Just as face is the index of feelings, handwriting is an index of habits as well as of character. Character of the person can be analyzed from his works on paper. Sometimes lines and words will supplement each other and special sense will be needed to assess such creations. A few hand made specimens from the Editor of Sahyadri Books & Bloom Books, Trivandrum are included here.

Windows into the character and history of a person which is an open book in his native land.

The few hand crafted documents here include cartoons, posters and poems prepared during the past years by the author for various purposes. They are not meant as literary creations but just as specimens of the Editor’s handwriting. They are intended to serve as windows into the character and history of the person concerned which is anyway an open book in his native land. Anyone who has a rudimentary skill in hand writing analyzing can read them well and evaluate the editor. Since photos of the Editor are unable to be made available, this is supposed to be a clear-cut way to familiarize with the Editor.

The famous Love Songs Of Tagore translated into English from Bengali and recast in the true poetic form.

A Cover for The Love Songs Of Tagore, in English.

The musician in Tagore created so many beautiful songs in Bengali language but this gifted writer never bothered to write them either in English or to translate them. A few songs which already had been translated into English by Mr. Rabindranath Chowdhury were in prose though beautiful. A few of them were recast in the true poetic form by the Editor of Sahyadri Books & Bloom Books,Trivandrum. The most beautiful among them was Udbodhan, meaning Awakening in English. The above picture was created as a cover for this proposed book, ‘The Love Songs Of Tagore.’

Lines and words may supplement each other.

Whoever Goes After A Serpent Will Have To Grieve.

Lines and words supplement each other and sometimes common sense enough would be needed to to see through and understand the overall meaning and message of such combinations. Sahyadri Books & Bloom Books has put together a book including a hundred of such creations. It is titled ‘Swan, The Intelligent Picture Book’, a collection of single line drawings meant as a Brain Testner Series, assumed to be the first of its kind in the world. Pictures like these are meant as specimens to test a person to see how many things he can see at a glance. In whichever way the letters are styled or positioned, there certainly are quite a number of persons who can read everything within seconds.

Therefore I will sing at your door step, director.

Therefore I will sing at your door step, director.

Here is a Malayalam song, depicting the leisurely life in contemporary government service. Names of any persons, places or references to any incidents are purely fictitious, originated from the pure imagination of the author. They have no connection with any real incidents, characters or persons living or dead. This song is from the Malayalam musical album ‘The Hospital Window.’

A hand crafted song for a Malayalam Musical Album.

A song in the letter format. Malayalam.

And here is another Malayalam song from another imaginary arena. Names of any persons, places or references to any incidents are purely fictitious. They are in no way connected to any real incidents, places or persons. If somebody finds any such allusion it is only incidental.

How can you analyze the hand writing of a person if he has many?

Advertisement for a Malayalam Book.

Sometimes dozens of styles of handwritings can be and may be used in a single article. The above is a portion from such an article, actually a complaint, which was never used.

Pictures can cross barriers of nations and languages easily.

Please Don’t Take Things Seriously. Picture Book.

Do not take the things seen in these pages seriously. They are just meant to be laughed at and laughed about, to ease mind at times of distress and disinterest. They are used to serve as light diversions to serious literary criticisms published at this venue. A picture can suggest multiple things, often contrasting, sometimes absurd and at times thought-provoking. Pictures cross the barriers of nations and languages easily and do not need interpreters generally. Moreover they are the pleasantest form of recording history.

Corruption, and Bribery: The Asian Lubricant.

Song from Malayalam album Hospital Window. Page 1.

Many years back a book titled ‘Corruption In India’ was published in which Bribery was described as the ‘Asian Lubricant.’ As years went by, quality and integrity of officers recruited into government service began to deteriorate considerably and government finally became quite incapable of making corruption impossible. In fact, more and more top-level government personnel, political power heads and bureaucratic echelons began to be put in prisons for corruption. Now it is even considered making some illegal income in addition to salaries is respectable. Those government officers who are committed to people and who keep back from involving in any kind of corruption are hunted by government and their subordinates like dogs in the manger. When politicians suddenly turn attention to a government institution, everyone now knows that great money is coming to that institution for some scheme. There are thousands of such examples in the government sector, a few of them horrible. Those who steal hundred thousands from public treasury are openly promoted as officers and those who remain loyal to principles are trampled down like worms.

It is only flies and bees that are entangled in the net of law. If an elephant falls on the net, it will go down with the net.

Song from Malayalam album Hospital Window. Page 2.

Central governments in the Asian countries spend millions of public money on good schemes but the life of poor people in the states remains still miserable. Even when great scams and thefts are brought to day light by central investigation agencies and auditing agencies, the money lost is never recovered. It was recently estimated that petrol could be sold inIndiafor 20 Rupees with the money involved in a single scam. A simple person who stands watching this for decades will be forced to tell things and that is what the person in the book ‘The Hospital Window’ does. He is casually lying in a hospital bed observing things there. It is when we have no money in our pockets that diseases come to us. And that is when we see the horrible face of bribery. And that is exactly when we wish to shatter and break this citadel of wrong doings.

Some films will never reach the silver screen.

Advertisement for the film The Lotus Band.

Some films will never reach the silver screen for various reasons; the real story of why they did not reach the screen would most often be more thrilling than the actual story of the film. These two film posters and a few songs are what remain of such an unproduced film.

Jalaja Padma Raji means A Collection of Water-Born Lotus or ‘The Lotos Band’.

Poster for the film The Lotos B’and’h.

Jalaja, Padma and Raji are Malayalam girls’ names. Jalaja means ‘water born’. Padma means ‘the Lotus’. Raji means ‘a collection’. But ‘Jalaja Padma Raji’ combined in Sanskrit means ‘a collection of water born lotus’ or ‘The Lotus Band’. When the name of this film was conceived someone asked who these Jalaja, Padma and Raji were and whether they were acting. The story of the book was brought out as a book in English as The Lotus Band and the songs were included in a musical album.

Which is the Question mark, which is the Ohm and which is the Placenta?

Question mark, Ohm and Placenta.

This picture is a page from ‘Swan, The Intelligent Picture Book’ which is a collection of similar simple single-line drawings. The viewer is asked to identify which is the Question mark, which is the Ohm and which is the Placenta and is expected to answer within a reasonable time.

What is the charge for publishing this advertisement?

What is the charge for this advertisement.

The above is a letter to a newspaper requesting to publish an advertisement. The line in Malayalam means: ‘A beautiful advertisement. What is the charge for this advertisement may please be intimated to the address mentioned’.

So, do not take things seriously and laugh if you can.

How The World Began Just A Few Years Ago.

So, perhaps you might have thought that the above pictures, posters and poems might be something into which have went some serious thoughts. Please don’t be misled. They are products from a kindergarten.



This page will continue through other little hand made articles.

Pictures from the archives of Sahyadri
Books & Bloom Books, Trivandrum.

Dear Reader,

You are invited to kindly visit the Author’s Web Site of P.S.Remesh Chandran, Editor, Sahyadri Books & Bloom Books, Trivandrum at:


Translations of this article in French, German, Spanish and Italian are available at knol.com. Click here.



For more information and articles on the life and follies of Kerala people



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Meet the author

Editor of Sahyadri Books & Bloom Books,Trivandrum. Author of several books in English and in Malayalam. And also author of Swan : The Intelligent Picture Book.

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